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These odds are based only on the picks from people on this website. They in no way correlate with actual betting odds, and should not be used as an indication of the track payoff. They are simply to give you an idea of how our players are seeing a race. They assume a track takeout of 15%, in order to be more easily compared with the actual racetrack odds. Once again, we present the Public Handicapper Odds purely as an interesting side note. They in no way represent the actual betting at the racetrack!


Final Standings 2019
Aqueduct, Race 9, 5:00 PM ET, Wednesday, November 06, 2019
Grade I Stakes
1 1/2 miles
Main Track
2 year-olds

Total Number of Picks On This Race: 0

Program # Picks Horse PH Odds
1 0 1  
2 0 2  
3 0 3  


NOTE: Coupled horses show coupled odds but only the number of picks made on that particular horse.

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